Year 3

1st Semester - Year 3 - Infancy

1. Margaret Mahler.
Lecturer: Dr. John Boots

2. Infant Research.
Lecturer: Dr. Rachel Falk

3. Mrs. Bick and Infant Observation.
Lecturer: Dr. Joan Symington

4. Attachment Theory - John Bowlby.
Lecturer: Dr. Ruth Safier

5. Frances Tustin - Infant Autism.
Lecturer: Mrs. Eve Steel

6. Frances Tustin - Autism in Adult Patients.
Lecturer: Mrs. Eve Steel *UNAVAILABLE


Price $15.00


2nd Semester - Year 3 - Pathological Conditions

1. Borderline Patients (Herbert Rosenfeld).
Lecturer: Dr. John McClean

2. Schizoid Patients (Henri Rey).
Lecturer: Dr. Shahid Najeeb

3. Depressive Illnesses.
Lecturer: Mrs. Maria-Teresa Hooke

4. Psychopathy.
Lecturer: Dr. Jim Telfer

5. Addictive Disorders.
Lecturer: Dr. Ron Spielman

6. Perversions.
Lecturer: Dr. John Boots

Price: $18.00


3rd Semester - Year 3 - Narcissism, Borderline & Schizoid Phenomena

1. The Work of Harold Searles.
Lecturer: Dr. Brian Muir

2. The Work of Bruno Bettelheim.
Lecturer: Dr. Judy Spielman

3. The Work of Heinz Hartmann and American Ego Psychology.
Lecturer: Mr. Neville Symington

4. Roy Schafer and George Klein's critique of the
Freudian/Hartmann metapsychology.

Lecturer: Dr. Dennis Duncan

5. Kohut's theory and treatment of Narcissism.
Lecturer: Dr. Craig Powell

6. Self Psychological treatment of Narcissism contrasted with that of the Kleinian School
(with reference to Kernberg).

Lecturer: Dr. John McClean


Price: $18.00


4th Semester - Year 3 - Psychoanalysis and Culture


1. Psychoanalysis and Feminism.
Lecturer: Ms. Louise Gyler

2. Psychoanalysis and Racial Prejudice.
Lecturer: Dr. Tamas Pataki

3. Psychoanalysis and Religious Fundamentalism:
Lecturer: Dr. Shahid Najeeb

4. Psychoanalysis and War.
Lecturer: Dr. Jocelyn Dunphy

5. Psychoanalysis and Art.
Lecturer: Ms. Coll Osman

6. Psychoanalysis and Human Freedom.
Lecturer: Mr. Neville Symington

Price: $18.00

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