Year 2

1st Semester - Year 2

1. Freud's formulation of psychosis.
Dr. Shahid Najeeb

2. Abraham's Developmental Stages.
Dr. Joan Symington

3. Abraham's formulation on manic-depressive psychosis.
Dr. Joan Symington

4. Sandor Ferenczi: Trauma theory and regression.
Dr. John McClean

5. Sandor Ferenczi: Regression and Balint's Basic Fault.
Dr. John McClean

6. Jung's theory of archetypes and their relation to psychosis.
Dr. Jim Telfer

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2nd Semester - Year 2

1. Melanie Klein on infantile phantasy life.
Ms. Libby Dunn

2. Melanie Klein on anxiety and death instinct.
Dr. Ruth Safier

3. Melanie Klein on the paranoid-schizoid position.
Dr. Judy Spielman

4. Melanie Klein on the depressive position.
Mrs. Maria Teresa Hooke

5. Melanie Klein on projective identification.
Ms. Kaye Nelson

6. Melanie Klein on envy.
Mrs. Elizabeth Kerr

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3rd Semester - Year 2

1. Bion the man, new foundation for psycho-analysis; emotional experience and the links as the catalyst of emotions: K, L, H & -K, - L & -H.

2. Beta Elements and Alpha Function.

3. The Selected Fact and the Horizontal Axis of the Grid.

4. Container/Contained and further rungs of the vertical axis and Ps-D.

5. The Psychotic Part of the Personality.

6. Transformations, Memory & Desire and O.

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4th Semester - Year 2

1. Fairbairn and the Schizoid Condition.
Mr. Maurice Whelan

2. Fairbairn's critique of Abraham and Freud.
Mr. Maurice Whelan

3. Fairbairn's model of the mind and his dream interpretation.
Mr. Maurice Whelan

4. Winnicott's theory of psychosis.
Dr. Ron Spielman

5. Winnicott on depression.
Dr. Ron Spielman

6. Winnicott's technique with psychotic patients.
Dr. Ron Spielman

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