Year 1

1st Semester - Year 1 - Introduction

1. Audio & Transcript: The Mind -  What is it? Mr. Neville Symington

2 . Audio & Transcript: Psychoanalysis: An instrument to investigate the Mind. Dr. Ron Spielman. This lecture will incorporate the differences between psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Reading:

3. Audio & Transcript: The Inner World and the Outer World: Symbols and their Meaning.
Dr. John McClean

4. Audio & Transcript: The Emotions and Insight. This Lecture will also investigate the Transference and Counter-transference.
Dr. John Boots

5. Audio Only: What is meant by the Unconscious. Professor. Reg Martin Reading:

6. Audio Only: The Child in the Adult. Dr. Joan Symington.

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2nd Semester Year 1 - Freud The man

1. Freud's cultural background and the Physicalist Tradition.
Dr. Craig Powell (Audio Only)

2. Freud's beginning in Hypnotism and his first patients.
Prof. Ian Waterhouse (Transcript & Audio)

3. The move from the seduction theory to phantasy.
Dr. Ron Spielman (Transcript & Audio)

4. The Psychopathology of Everyday Life and Jokes.
Dr. John McClean (Transcript & Audio)

5. The Interpretation of Dreams - I.
Mr. Maurice Whelan (Transcript & Audio)

6. The Interpretation of Dreams - II.
Mr. Maurice Whelan
(Transcript & Audio)

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3rd Semester Year 1

1. The Dora Case History and Freud's Theory of Hysteria.
Ms. Libby Dunn
2. Infantile Sexuality and the Oedipus Complex - Little Hans and the Wolf Man.
Mrs. Margaret Berkovic
3. The Rat Man and Freud's Theory of Obsessional Neurosis.
Prof. Ian Waterhouse
4. The Three Essays on Sexuality.
Dr. Rachel Falk
5. Transference and Freud's Papers on Technique.
Mrs. Maria Teresa Hooke
6. The Topographical Model, the Unconscious and Repression.
Dr. Jim Telfer

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4th Semester - Year 1

1. Beyond the Pleasure Principle.
Dr. Tom Wilmot

2. The Structural Model - The Ego and the Id.
Dr. Craig Powell

3. Inhibitions, Symptoms and Anxiety and Freud's Instinct Theory.
Dr. Joe King* (

4. Group Psychology.
Dr. George Christie

5. Civilisation and its Discontents.
Dr. Reg Hook

6. Freud's Death and Analysis Terminable and Interminable.
Dr. Ruth Safier

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