History & Aims

Physically located in Willoughby in Sydney’s northern suburbs, the Sydney Institute for Psycho-Analysis (SIP) it is the home of psychoanalysis in Sydney, and seeks to promote the understanding and advancement of psychoanalysis.

Established in 1951 it is the Sydney base of the Australian Psychoanalytical Society (APAS).
The specific activities of the SIP include the training of psychoanalysts; the teaching of the theory and practice of psychoanalysis, through courses and clinical supervision; and the dissemination of psychoanalytic ideas through public lectures and other outreach activities.

The SIP and it members aim:

  • to foster a psychoanalytic understanding of problems within the mind
  • to provide and support psychoanalytic approaches to the treatment of such problems
  • to train psychoanalysts on behalf of the Sydney Branch of APAS
  • to set and maintain clinical and ethical standards for the conduct of psychoanalysis
  • to offer clinical supervision for psychotherapists, mental health workers, and other professionals
  • to disseminate knowledge about psychoanalysis through lectures, seminars and workshops for those interested in applying psychoanalytic principles to their work and to the broader community
  • to promote a culture of psychoanalysis where psychoanalytic ideas can be explored and critiqued
  • to promote psychoanalytic research
  • to foster mutually beneficial links with related disciplines
  • to ensure that the environment for these activities is appropriate and professional

Since the mid 1980’s the SIP has run an educational programme offering public lectures, as well as seminars, workshops, and conference open days, for psychotherapists and mental health professionals, and the general public, interested in understanding psychoanalytic principles and employing them in their work.
As psychoanalysts, individual members of the SIP offer psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and are also available for clinical supervision for psychotherapists and other mental health workers  Go to the SIP's directory of Psychoanalysts to find one in your area.

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